Lucky 15

Welcome to Lucky 15. Lucky 15s are a great way to bet so we have put together some useful tools to help you along the way including Lucky 15 offers, access to Lucky 15 calculators and info on What is a Lucky 15.

How to do a Lucky 15

Some people go into the Bookies or online and find themselves asking how to place this bet. Its very simple, if your online we recommend Betfred simply because there bonus is so good available every time you place a Lucky 15.

When on site just pick 4 Horses / dogs and you’ll see the selections in your bet slip. Most bookmakers will have the Lucky 15 bet option waiting for you. Some will offer you 4 single bets, a 4 fold acca and a system bet. You want to pick the system bet then choose the Lucky 15 option. Tick the box if you want the eachway bet too.

If your in your local bookies they have slips especially for Lucky 15’s. Just fill it out and take it to the desk. If your not sure on the overall stake just fill that bit out at the counter and the cashier will help you. If you want your bet to be eachway you need to tick the box and remember it will also double your stake as the 15 bets becomes 30.15 win and 15 eachway bets.

If your unsure of any aspect of the bet or still unsure how to fill the slip out just ask a member of staff in shop. They are always more than happy to help out and they might even make you a cup of tea.

Again if betting online i can’t stress enough that you should be taking advantage of the Betfred Lucky 15 bonus. Even if you place all other bets elsewhere the bonuses here are too good to not use and the treble the odds for just 1 winner is not available anywhere else.


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Bonuses available

Bonuses are available with the most popular being the Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus. Pick your four selections with them and if you have only 1 winner they’ll pay you out at 3x the odds. For example a 5/1 winner would become 15/1 paying out £/€/$16 giving you a profit. Or at least some of your losses back should the odds be smaller.

What is a Lucky 15 eachway bet?

Most people know what a Lucky 15 bet is, but some still ask the question – what is a Lucky 15 eachway bet? It basically means you get the place as well. Its 2 lucky 15’s running side by side. 1 is just for the win as usual and the 2nd is the eachway bet (the place).

You have the same selections in each bet. For example if you have 4 selections and 2 of them win but the other 2 selections get a place you will have 2 winners but 4 places in your each way bet which could be a big amount depending on the Starting price. Personally i wouldn’t use the eachway option unless each Horse was at least 10/1 or greater.